About Us

Welcome to Zayna Collection, the luxury beauty shop for women who hope to elevate their look through investing in quality cosmetics and accessories. 

Zayna Collection was brought to life on August 5, 2020 by A 18 year old Black girl from Toronto, Ontario named Zanaya . Our Brand was created with the values of confidence, luxury and self-love in mind. Our community of women are encouraged to strive to better themselves daily through manifestation and practicing self care, and rewarding themselves with the luxury we offer.  

We believe that there is indescribable power in embracing beauty in its many forms and that is why we offer high-quality cosmetics and accessories that will add a show-stopping touch to your daily look, whether it's the irresistible shine our Lip Glazes give, the fluff of our mink, handmade lashes or the dazzle of our accessory line. 

We are excited to have you join our community of confident women and are pleased to offer you the luxury experience that is Zayna Collection

 With Love,

Zayna Collection


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